Unit 4/127a Sugar Road,
Alexandra Headland, QLD 4572
Phone : (07) 5373 5003

10 Toes Road Trip Begins.....

Great News for all our patiently awaiting friends. Ten Toes Brewery is now fully licensed and ready to rumble ..... We have been busy playing with our new toys and putting them through their paces, which has made all the blood, sweat and tears worth it as we prepare for our first batch.

When we set out to build Ten Toes we believed in not just bringing great local handcrafted beer to the Sunshine Coast, but also believed in hand building our brewery and giving it some local character. And, that's just what we have done and we're pretty pumped about how its turned out and we hope you are too. 

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Finish Line in sight

 After watching the paint dry on our new floors, our cold room is in place (who knew there were so many swear words in a cold room???), our fermenters arrived on site marking the last of our long lead time times and we finally unpacked our brew house and got busy playing with stainless bling.

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Things Are Taking Shape

As the 10 Toes team start to get organised, things are coming together. We have more gear on order, with many of the early deliveries arriving as we type. The excitement is reaching fever-pitch as we move from paper to reality and can't wait to start brewing and of course tasting.

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Alex Heads It Is Then...

Hard choice living on the Sunshine Coast to pick just one place to setup camp but its done, its central and its convenient (for an early morning surf while the mash tun warms up), its 4/127a Sugar Rd, Alexandra Headland. Some what ironic to be on sugar Rd but I can assure you its only water, malt, hops, yeast and time (apart from the odd big Belgium.....), maybe we could convince Council for a name change Maltose Rd.... So we're under contract and super pumped.



10 Toes handheld Social device

Our 2L growlers are back from the printers and I must say they look the bomb, best of all they are stainless steel, durable and being insulated will keep our tasty brews chilled for you for hours, perfect when your out and about. hash tag best hand held device for socializing with your mates, get ready to grab yours.

The Orders Are In...

We've checked and re-checked and locked in the requirements for our site layout and best of all tasting room.......................

All of our major items and long lead time purchases  are spec'd and ordered......

We should start to see some of the deliveries over the coming weeks and can't start putting everything together. Its a long road but its all about the journey, so stay posted and as we build your brewery..

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