Theta State – Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Theta State is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale that was aged for 12 months in Mt Uncle Single Malt Whiskey Barrels from North Queensland. It was bottled with a specialised conditioning yeast and then left to age for a further 18 months to mellow and naturally carbonate.

Brewed with a variety of carefully kilned malts including Gladfield’s Aurora from New Zealand, to produce a complex bready type malt body with aromas of Fruit Cake and strawberry. It was fermented with a Belgian abbey style yeast known for its ability to produce high alcohol beers which further enhances the fruitiness through the production of esters such as Isoamyl Acetate, which can be perceived as banana-like.

The beer picked up an additional 2% alcohol from the barrel during ageing which has contributed further to its boozy Christmas pudding type character.

Each bottle is hand labelled, wax sealed and individually numbered. Only 264 bottles produced.

640ml bottle | 12.3% alc/vol | 6.2 Std drinks

Release date: August 20, 2021



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